Grace me, my city, under your infinite mercy.
Wipe my tardiness out with your immense compassion.
Even more, wash me away from the dirt of my idleness and cleanse me from my fear.
For I am aware of my idleness and my fear always stands in front of me.
I did not dare to fight for you and I solely committed my fearful thoughts before you.
Your judgement for me is just.
Every time they fight against you, you remain the winner, my city. [...]

Nova Melancholia presents the performance Still Life. For the glory of the city, written by Manolis Tsipos and directed by Vassilis Noulas. It is the greek premiere of a polyphonic baroque text that gradually composes a naked, perverted, unfortified body: the body of the city. This body is being conceived during a transmutation process, an uncanny ritual of transformation, where all directions seem open. 

The text has been presented for the first time during the official Avignon Festival 2014, directed by Michel Raskine, and it received very positive response in the French Press. 



Performers: Elias Voyatzidakis, Antonis Gritsis, Eirini Glambedaki, Leda Dalla, Adrian Frieling, Vicky Kyriakoulakou, Valia Papachristou, Alexia Sarantopoulou, Kostas Tzimoulis
Text: Manolis Tsipos
Directed by: 
Vasilis Noulas 
Set design - Costumes: Dora Economou 
Live sound: Nikos Nikolakopoulos
Assistant director: 
Elissavet Xanthopoulou
Lighting Design: Tasos Palaioroutas
We thank Babis Kourtaras for his contribution to the music of the performance.


 BIOS Main - Peiraios 84, Athens 
Feb - Apr 2015 | premiere: Thursday 19 February 2015

Duration: 85 minutes



"Manolis Tsipos' Theatre" [en]
by Yiorgos Sabatakakis

"Inside the flesh of the city" [gr]
review by Dimitris Tsatsoulis
8.4.2015 - IMERODROMOS 

"Vassilis Noulas writes for Only Theatre" [gr]
24.2.2015 - ONLY THEATRE

"Translating Still Life" [gr]
by Myrto Gondicas

"On s'est retrouvé à travailler dans l'adversité" [fr]
Manolis Tsipos 
interviewed by René Solis
11.7.2014 - LIBERATION 

"Le Festival des dramaturgies se poursuit" [fr]
20.5.2014 - OUEST FRANCE

"Reception by the French Press of the Performance Still Life. For the Glory of the City directed by Michel Raskine at the Avignon Festival 2014" [gr]

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