A lecture-performance by Vassilis Noulas & Kostas Tzimoulis for the tribute exhibition "Thanos Murray-Veloudios" (curated by Dimosthenis Agrafiotis).

In the lecture-peformance "Velvet Veloudios" we use a series of staged photos which freely converse with the life and deeds of Thanos Murray-Veloudios, a controversial and versatile personality: first Greek aviator, enthusiast of Greek culture, dadaist, folklore expert, openly gay, supporter of Angelos Sikelianos and Eva Palmer during the Delphi Festivities, irreconcilable friend of Yannis Tsarouchi's, etc.

The staged photos of Noulas-Tzimoulis follow strategies and work paradigms that are primarily seen in the work of Veloudios: the use of ephemeral and everyday material, unconstrained synthesis and reuse of the same objects, conversation with mythological or other extended cultural references, a simultaneous claim for Greekness and international avant-guarde, word-play and a game with objects, free association, open homo-eroticism, hybrid identities.

During the lecture-performance, Noulas-Tzimoulis pin their photos on the wall while at the same time they engage in a game of more or less coherent references to Veloudios: reading poems of Tsarouchis, of Kallas, of Embeirikos, demonstration of Cocteau's homoerotic sketches, photos from Paola's "Kraximo", Luigi Ontani's pieces, film stills from movies of Pasolini or Stavros Tornes', etc.


Concept, lecture-performance: Vassilis Noulas & Kostas Tzimoulis

Photo documentation: Sophia Simaki
Duration: 25 min

 ΒΕΤΟΝ 7 - 7 Pydnas st. Athens
Thursday, 16 January 2015




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