Odes' first verse is: Your place is in Athens, Prince

The performance "Odes to the Prince" is based on the same-titled poetry of Nikos Alexis Aslanoglou (Ypsilon publishing house, 1981). It is an elegy on loss (or the impossibility) of love. Also, and elegy for the melancholy of our times, for the city of Athens, for anything that is relevant to us. "Odes" deal with the faces of amorous desire; the limits between desire, fantasy, cancellation, longing and memory.

The performance attempts to construct a temporary living monument for the lost or the regained loves of our lives, paying a tribute to one of our most erotic poets of our youth, Nikos Alexis Aslanoglou.

An associative succession of images: The Basketball Player | Arthur Rimbaud | Hamlet | The Prince's Dogs | The Sugar Caterer | St. Georges the Horseman | The Stilt Walker | The Topographer | Michael Jackson | Ode to Ninetto Davoli | The Appointed Prince

Recitation on mic of the 16 odes: In the Mansion's Gardens | O, Appointed Prince, how much I Feel You | Prince, the Day Is slowly Fading | Two Years You Were Wandering Alone | And This, to Praise You | September Unloved | Nothing Belongs to me | For Them | Dolphins | Creature | Separation | Prayer | Mournful Song | Peraia | The Convict | Your Old Wine


Odes' last verse is: if all this suddenly becomes a mournful glow


Performers: Andonis Gritsis, Leda Dallas, Athanasios Kouvousis, Alexia Sarandopoulou, Costas Tzimoulis, Despina Hatzipavlidou
Directed by: Vassilis Noulas
Set design - Costumes: Nova Melancholia
Assistant director: Elisaveth Xanthopoulou

Each night our friends participate with reciting the poems.   

During the first part of the performance we hear one of the poems Pier Paolo Pasolini wrote for his break-up from Ninetto Davoli. Its translation to Greek is done by Andonis Gritsis.

N.A. Aslanoglou's poems "Prayer" and "Oh, Appointed Prince" have been set to music by Vassilis Noulas.

 BANGLADESH - 35 Chalkokondili st, Athens
[Oct - Nov 2014, première: Sunday, 19 October 2014]
[Jan 2015, première: Sunday, 11 January 2015]
[Dec 2015 - Jan 2016, 
première: Friday, 18 December 2015]

post | odes to prince
by Kostas Tzimoulis



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poster Odes to the Prince 2015andonisledathanasisdespoinakostasalexiaOdes to the Prince - the basketballistΩδές στον πρίγκιπα - rimbaudΩδές στον πρίγκιπα - Σαμαράςωδές στον πρίγκιπα - λήδα δάλλα, κώστας τζημούλης, θανάσης κουβούσηςΩδές στον πρίγκιπα - κώστας τζημούλης - δέσποινα χατζηπαυλίδου (φιλί)Ωδές στον πρίγκιπα - θανάσης κουβούσης, αλέξια σαραντοπούλουΩδές στον πρίγκιπα - et si tu n'existais pas