THE LAIR is a feature fiction film based on the homonymous short story by Nikos Kasdaglis, produced by Nova Melancholia and co-produced by the Greek Film Centre. 

Athens. The last day of a female member of an illegal terrorist organization. Despina shoots, kills, wanders around the city, tries to find help, fails in every attempt, gets shot, dies in her apartment. The movie attempts a personal portrait of the city of Athens through the drifting of the main character. The Lair -a low budget production with DIY aesthetics and queer elements- is an existential road movie.



Directed by Vassilis Noulas
Based on the short story "The Lair" by Nikos Kasdaglis (1987)
Script by Vassilis Noulas, Kostas Tzimoulis and Elina Mandidi
Camera by Aimilia Milou
Art Direction by Kostas Tzimoulis

Starring: Despina Chatzipavlidou

Produced by Nova Melancholia 
Co-produced by the Greek Film Centre

3 & 4 November 2019





The Lair _ still 1The Lair _ photo 1The Lair _ photo 2The Lair _ photo 3The Lair _ still AdonisThe Lair _ still Emmanuela 1The Lair _ photo 4The Lair _ photo 5The Lair _ still 3The Lair _ photo 6The Lair _ still 2