With the oblique and "queer" reproduction of cultural stereotypes, we attempt the reclaiming of the erotic desire and of the gendered body. Desire is adrift inside the tension between self-determination and socially-driven definition; in our opinion, in this borderline lies emotion, desperation, violence but also humor deriving from the masterly short novels "The Chicks" and "The Fleas" of Giorgos Ioannou (from the book For a Certain Pride --1964). 

This performance is an "incantation" against the annulment of desire and the melancholy of the gender.



Performers: Despina Chatzipavlidou, Rania Kelaiditi, Kostas Koutsolelos, Anna Tzakou, Sotiris Tsakomidis, Giorgos Tsamis (may) / Stavros Bafetis (october) 
Text: Giorgos Ioannou 
Directed by: Vassilis Noulas
Set Design-Costumes: Myrto Xanthopoulou
Assistant director: Melina Markaki
Duration: 70 minutes 
may-june 2012 & october-november 2012
[premiere: 24 may 2012]



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12.2012 - NEA ESTIA [#1852]
theatre review by Dimitris Tsatsoulis
10.2016 - THEATRE PUBLIC (N. 222)
"Déconstruire la normalité: Esthétiques post-traditionnelles en Grèce" [fr]
article by Georges Sampatakakis
pyrosvestirasDOInova melancholia _ the chickens and the fleas (the milkshakes)NEEDTOCANTLEAVEnova melancholia _ the chickens and the liceοι κοτες και οι ψύλλοι (σωτήρης - άννα)nova melancholia _ οι κότες και οι ψύλλοι (οι ψύλλοι)nova melancholia _ οι ψύλλοι (σωτήρης -κώστας)nova melancholia _ the chickens and the licenova melancholia _ οι κότες και οι ψύλλοι (σταύρος)